Alyson + Christian


Oh, I just loved this July wedding from the colors, the clear blues skies, and let’s not forget the grand entrance for the men. We have many clients with diverse backgrounds, but I can tell you- when a groom is an avid outdoorsman, they’re sold once they hit our gravel road. Its like they’re in their haven. I recall when Alyson and Christian toured, they brought a small lab puppy with them. Cousiac is partial to labs as we’re all duck hunters and water dogs are family. After all, they help and retrieve our game.

Their photography, Casey Smith captured our Cousiac couple beautifully. Check out her blog on Alyson & Christian’s love story,

By far one of my favorite entrances, check out the boat arrival, LOVE!

Pierce’s Barbecue catered their wedding. If anyone has ever driven down 64 to the beach, you see Pierce’s, which is ALWAYS packed, but SO GOOD. They do such a beautiful presentation for a buffet.

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